200% Pressure Shower Head 30% Water Saving Ionic Shower Filter Chlorine Filtration Showerhead for Dry Skin & Hair

  • Showerhead Saves 30% Water
  • Review : 200% Pressure Shower Head Ionic Shower Filter Chlorine Filtration Showerhead
  • 200% Pressure Shower Head Water Saving Ionic Shower Filter Chlorine Filtration Showerhead
  • Shower Stream Ionic Handheld Shower Head 3 Function Filtered 200% High Pressure, 30% Water Saving
  • StoneStream
  • Rusee, Mineral Shower Head
  • ZenFresh Filtration Shower Head for Dry Skin & Hair High Pressure Water Saving Ionic Handheld Shower
  • Great BasicWu Filtration Shower Head, Negative Ionic Handheld Body Spray for Dry Skin & Hair, High P
  • Shower Head For Super High Pressure Boosting Water with Health Filter
  • Seoul Stone Tri Function – A Shower Head
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Customer Reviews

Great as a shower head, questionable filtering ability

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 on October 18, 2015
By K. Mead
I like the shower head, and how easy it is to take apart and clean it. I’m not sure if the minerals really filter much of anything. But I will say that my tub and shower curtain are whiter, longer, since switching to this shower head. As for my hair and skin…if there has been any change it is very subtle. I don’t think the results and quality of filtering that this product claims are as wonderful as the product and some reviewers generously boast, but it is better than what I had before. The water pressure is great, and as long as you take it apart and clean it weekly/bi-weekly, it continues to work great. I have noticed, which is what prompted me to clean this regularly, that the water holes will get clogged (again, questioning the filtering abilities), and water will spray in multiple directions, and become more harsh. I plan to replace this with something else after about a year (which I think I read somewhere was there recommended replacement period.)

Excellent value and performance

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 on April 21, 2015
By Gina
Just what we needed! I have been looking for a shower head for my husband that would filter the chlorine, but keep the hose style that he likes. I was able to simply unscrew the old crusty shower head and attach this on to the existing hose. Perfect fit! This has a nice firm spray. Jury is still out on the effects on hair and skin, but I’m happy that he’s happy. The price point is perfect – I just ordered a second one to have on hand when it needs to be replaced.

and my hair was dull. The skin on my face was the most …

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 on June 18, 2015
By Sarah D.
I was somewhat skeptical about this item because it was so cheap. But the reviews had me curious, so I bought it. The water in my apartment is the hardest I’ve ever dealt with and has left my skin dry and ‘pinchy’ (yeah, I just made that word up), and my hair was dull. The skin on my face was the most noticeable, it definitely made me look more aged. Since using this shower head, I have definitely seen an improvement in my hair and skin, and my face has seen a difference too. My skin is also softer, which is always nice. A big draw for me was the water conservation as I am in CA and dealing with the drought. My only complaint? The pressure. It’s not so high that it’s stinging, but I do have to turn it down because it creates a virtual tornado in my shower and causes the shower curtain to rise up. Oh, I guess another complaint would be that you can’t adjust it, but it’s fine where it’s at. So, there you go.

Great product

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 on June 8, 2015
Just got this and love it already. The water here is horribly hard and full of chlorine, my hair and skin dry out as a result. I could tell the difference after the first shower. The water pressure this shower head puts out is outstanding and feels so good, it’s hard to believe I am saving water. BTW-no one is paying me for this review or offered me a discount and I don’t know anyone who works for the seller. I really didn’t expect much but am very happy with the purchase. I don’t believe you can turn the dial as with many shower heads, if you can I haven’t been able to, but I don’t need to with this. There is a circle of fine, very powerful mist and on the inside of that there is a heavier, solid stream. Look at the pic of the shower head and you will know what I mean. It took me seconds to unscrew my old useless shower head and screw this one in. Great buy.

The hand held was useless. I needed a handheld

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 on June 19, 2015
By Kathy
My house has lousy water pressure. I have tried several different shower heads. With all of them it was a struggle to get all the shampoo out of my hair. My last one was a combo – attached to pipe with an attached hand held. The hand held was useless. I needed a handheld. Thought for this price, why not try it? WOW!!!! This shower head is amazing! I actually could feel the spray! I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m buying another one to have as a spare. I bought new hose that came complete with washers, used a bit of Teflon tape and no leaks.

I really like this shower head

 on July 12, 2015
By Lauren
I really like this shower head, but I don’t think it’s the same as the more expensive one listed by a different seller. I bought this shower head after visiting home and using it in the spare bathroom. I know my mom paid about $20-25. I loved it and ordered my own, taking the risk that it might be a little different. This one has a little less clarity to it and just seems a bit more poorly made — I’m not quite sure how to accurately describe the difference. It makes me wonder if it actually purifies or not, but that wasn’t my priority in the first place. That said, it has been an excellent shower head and I’ve had a lot of guests compliment the water pressure and say they felt it was luxurious. (For $10, that seems like a steal to me!)
Shower head is big, the water pressure is very very strong ,water feels like needles on my skin ,I have a bath tub with a courtine and some how the pressure creates like a windy hurricane lifting the courtine and splashing .

Yoa® 200% Pressure Shower Head 30% Water Saving Ionic Shower Filter Chlorine Filtration Showerhead f

Yoa® 200% Pressure Shower Head 30% Water Saving Ionic Shower Filter Chlorine Filtration Showerhead f .
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