A-Flow™ Shower Head – 5 Function Luxury Large 6″ / ABS Material with Chrome Finish / Enjoy an Invigorating & Luxurious Spa-like Experience

  • A FlowTM 5 Function Luxury 4 Handheld Shower Head System ABS Material with
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A-FlowTM 5 Function Luxury Wide 6" Shower Head

The 5 Function Luxury 6" Shower Head provides an enjoyable shower experience you can look forward to every day.

Relaxing and soothing luxurious spa-like experience – Features five functions; Features five functions; including rain, massage, mist, aeration and pause. Simply turn the dial to select your desired shower setting.

Requires absolutely no tools; installing is super easy. Universal parts; works with all standard plumbing.

Customer Reviews

Great Showerhead

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 on September 23, 2014
By Review Maven
Great Showerhead

the A-Flow 5 function shower head is a really great shower head for me

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 on July 16, 2016
By kathy werner
the A-Flow shower head 5 function luxury large head shower is a great new shower head for me. i have had different shower heads, but this has been the largest by far. i really love how easy it is to change the functions on this shower head. it has an easy switching mechanism that the tab is large enough to move easily. the functions very between a rain and mist to an all out massage. i like the massage my self and it is a very nice massage setting not harsh like some can be. the A-flow shower head is a huge 6 inch round shower head and honestly most shower heads are 4 -5 inches. this is a great shower head to really get the job done. this shower head was very easy to install and fits right on to existing plumbing. thank you for a great shower head that is bigger than most shower heads and has 5 great functions.

It was easy to install

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 on April 27, 2017
By Michelle Lea Basnet L.E.
I got this mainly because I wanted to try the rain and mist feature. It was easy to install. I have never installed a shower head, ever! You just remove the old shower head with a wrench, then remove any plumber’s tape that is still on there. Take a steel wool pad and clean the threads well. Take the white pressure reducer out of the new shower head (it pops out if you use a flat head screw driver). Take some of the plumbers tape that it comes with a wrap it approximately 6 times around the threads on the arm of your shower pipe. Screw this one on, and, wha-lah! I actually LOVE it because it’s easy to switch between the modes and they all work well. I doesn’t look cheap even though it costs so little!

LOVE this shower head and the 5 powerful settings it has.

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 on July 11, 2016
By Whitney Johnson
WOW WOW WOW!!! Just got this thing a few days ago to try it out. I am in love with bigger size shower heads (I think they call them sun flower heads? not sure). Anyways, I have another type of these shower heads but it has 0 extra functions :( This one comes with 5 functions, and one includes a pause of water which sounds silly (why not just turn off?), but that way you can turn it back on without building up the heated water again. Nice right? The other settings are pretty powerful, they feel like they give you a slight nice massage on your scalp while washing your hair. The only one thing that kinda bugs me, is the top part gets finger prints on it super easily. No bigger though, a little vinegar will smudge that right out.

Luxurious and Powerful

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 on July 15, 2016
By Kerri
This shower head not only met my standards but exceeded it. The 5 settings were awesome, my favorite one being the Mist setting. The mist was so relaxing and truly made you feel like you were at the Spa. It’s a nice way to unwind at the end of a long day.

Love it!!

 on August 15, 2016
By Nina
Water Options: 5 (rain, massage, mist, pause and aeration)

So far so good!

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 on July 18, 2016
By Melfre
I bought this shower head with high hopes to replace a rain one I just bought last month (didn’t realize it’d be irritating to only have one position -overhead, and less strength of spray). It’s bigger than I thought, more plastic than I expected, but seems well made! It came with readable directions, installed easy, and works like it’s supposed to. I have an old home and was worried about the pressure but we followed the directions and took out the water pressure restrictor and so far we aren’t having any problems whatsoever. I am happy that it swivels/pivots as far as it does as I am petite while my spouse is 6’2″ so this works for the both of us. It’s working great so for now 5 stars & I will adjust my rating accordingly if needed! I received a discount on this purchase – opinion is my own based on my experience with this shower head.

Luxurious looking shower head, great for guest bathroom.

 on July 12, 2016
By Bethany
We recently bought a new house and I was looking at a way to spruce but our guest bathroom without sending an arm and a leg right away, and this seemed like a good option. The price listed is very reasonable and shower head world’s amazing.
We recently bought a new house and I was looking at a way to spruce but our guest bathroom without sending an arm and a leg right away, and this seemed like a good option. The price listed is very reasonable and shower head world’s amazing.

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