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1-2/5-ounce water tank; heats up in 15 seconds; variable temperature settings,1200-watt mini steam iron removes wrinkles from almost any fabric,Self Clean,Heat-resistant travel bag and plastic measuring cup included,Non-stick soleplate; 1-touch steam control; dual voltage for travel convenience

Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Steam Iron Review

Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Steam Iron Review. Ironing is probably my least favorite chore. But I won't leave the house wearing wrinkled clothing, it just looks bad. So, I decided to try out this Rowenta since it is highly rated.

Link to Rowenta: http://amzn.to/1gDgeUX
Link to Rowenta Non-toxic Soleplate Cleaning Kit: http://amzn.to/1cNXPZN

It comes with a manual and tips on using the iron. Use tap water. Empty the iron after each use. The self clean function should be used every 2 weeks. It flushes out any particles with a burst of steam and water. It'll maximize performance over time. Iron delicate fabrics using a low temperature setting then move on to higher temperature for tougher fabrics. Store the Iron on it's heel and in the dry position. The soleplate can be cleaned using a Rowenta Cleaning Kit.

The Rowenta measures weighs 3.5 pounds. The stainless steel soleplate has 400 steamholes to give you lots of steam. This model is made in Germany. It is powerful at 1700 watts. Anti drip function is to prevent leaking and water drops when it's set to a low temperature. Powerful burst of steam for tough wrinkles. Anti calcium system is to prevent calcium build up which will also maximize performance and increase the life of the iron. The indicator light turns off when the iron is ready to use. The electrical cord is 7 feet long. The ergonomic handle is covered and soft to the touch. It provides a non-slip grip. This is the water spray for tough wrinkles. This button is for the burst of steam and this for the water spray. This is the self clean setting. These are the different fabric settings - synthetic, silk/wool and cotton/linen. Set the temperature for your fabric using this dial. The high precision tip gets in between buttons and into tight spots. There is also an auto shut off feature. If the iron is left on its heel for 8 minutes or on the soleplate or its side for 30 seconds, it will turn off. To turn it back on, move the iron gently.

You can hold the Rowenta vertically to steam hanging curtains or delicates.
Open the cover to fill water. Filling the water is not difficult. The water fill line is a little hard to see. Move the iron and you'll be able to see better. The water tank holds 12.7 ounces of water.

After you fill with water, plug the iron in and set the temperature control and steam adjustment. The temperature control light will come on. When it's off, the iron is hot and ready to use. I'm going to iron a blended cotton shirt so the temperature control will be on synthetics and the steam sitting will be in the middle. The wrinkles are gone but there is water on the shirt. The reason could be that the water isn't heating up at the low temperature or there could be too much water filled in the iron. I'll dump some water out so the level will be half of the tank.
You can see the collar looks great with no water spots.

This blouse is rayon so I'll use the dry setting with no steam and set the dial to synthetics. You saw how quickly the wrinkles are gone. So, the iron works great on the dry setting.

Next, I'll iron this pair of cotton khakis. You see it's heavily wrinkled. The setting is cotton/linen and the steam is maximum. I'll use the burst of steam. Wrinkles are gone. The precision tip gets into really tight areas.

Next, I'll iron this cotton sheet. Wrinkle. Burst of steam. Wrinkle's gone. The precision tip even gets into the tiny fold and irons it flat.

Overall the Rowenta performed well. Most wrinkles come out after you run the iron over once or twice which is what I want since I hate to spend time ironing. There's lots of steam power. The low setting with steam was not ideal due to some water spots. I would recommend filling the water halfway which should help. The dry setting worked quickly and perfectly. I will never look forward to ironing but I know that I'll be done quickly because I'm using this powerful Rowenta.

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