G.T. Water Products, Inc. MPS4 Master Plunger Shorty, Black

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Shorty Master Plunger. Designed for use in flat drain openings, floor drains, bath and shower drains, and sinks. Delivers over 4 times the displacement of rival products. Black. Lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

Didn’t even k now I needed this.

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 on February 2, 2016
By Nacho Libre
I stumbled across this while looking for a toilet plunger, and realized that wasn’t what it was for– it’s for sinks, I guess. Hmm… my sink has been backed up/slow draining for a month now (insert judgement here)– since I left the teenager in charge for a couple hours, and the kiddos cleaned up their own messes after painting with acrylic paint.

An effective and cheap way to fix a clogged sink

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 on September 21, 2015
By N. Melville
I had a sink that took forever to drain, even after applying a full container of DrainO. This problem has been plaguing me for months. I started looking for a “mini plunger” and saw this product on Amazon for a very reasonable price (and free Prime shipping). I got this sink plunger today. It was bigger than I expected and I worried it might not fit under my faucet. (The sink is quite small). However, it did, and I immediately set about plunging the errant drain. I taped up the overflow holes in the sink and plunged a half dozen times. A lot of black gunk came out almost immediately and now the sink drains like a charm. I was able to solve a most irritating problem, easily, effectively, and in less than $10. I’m so happy, I thought I’d write a review immediately before I forgot how pleased I am with the product.

Instructions included – works perfectly for backed up drain/garbage disposal

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 on July 13, 2015
By Tiffany M
This plunger worked perfectly and was exactly what we needed. We ordered this item because our double sink (one with a garbage disposal) continued to clog and our landlord was getting upset because she had to keep sending a plumber out to our home to fix the backed up sink. So, I read online that using this should solve the issue – and it did!! We did the following:

Wow! 20 seconds solution after months of frustration

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 on August 20, 2014
By Aristo
Just received it. Unclogged bathroom sink that have been draining slowly for months in about 20 seconds!

Quick and easy fix for minor clogs

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 on December 31, 2015
By Nat Y.
My apartment’s bathtub/shower drain clogs easily. Every few weeks, the drain slows to the point that I’m showering in a puddle. A few pumps with this plunger gets it running smoothly. After two years, the plunger shows no signs of wear.

I am become Shorty, destroyer of clogs

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 on November 23, 2013
By Victor
We had an impossibly blocked bathroom sink that I had poured about $50 worth of Drano down to no avail. 2 minutes with this thing cleared it up. Wouldn’t use it for a toilet though, too short.

The Little Plunger That Could

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 on March 6, 2016
By Kal-El
Looks sure can be deceiving. When you see this plunger for the first time, you may think it’s just a silly, little kids’ toy. In practice, however, it’s the most powerful, versatile, and portable little plunger you could ever hope to own. Besides providing an astounding amount of suction, it’s small enough to use on any drain in your home and, when you’re done, you can easily store it away under the sink and just forget about it until you need it again.

Pretty sure I’ll never need to use liquid clog remover again

 on April 22, 2017
By Sarah B
My bathroom sink was starting to drain more and more slowly, until it was hardly draining at all. I’ve often unclogged sinks using vinegar and baking soda, but in this case they didn’t help. I hate the thought of pouring Drano or any other caustic substances down the drain where they wind up in the water supply, so I did some research, learned that sink plungers exist, and decided to try one of these. I was pretty surprised at how well it worked. As others have said, and I can now attest to, you have to cover up the drainage hole at the top of the sink bowl with duct tape or something else airtight or it won’t work. But if that hole is sealed up, this plunger creates an impressive amount of suction. Usually it only takes a few pumps to dislodge whatever clog has formed and the sink flows freely again. Due to the shape of my sink, I have difficulty creating a seal around the drain with the plunger, but I find that if I fill the sink partway with water I’m able to create a strong seal. Using this for 10 seconds every few weeks seems to be enough to keep my sink from clogging up. I love that it’s infinitely reusable, unlike liquid clog removers. Well worth the modest price.

Works great for purpose..

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 on December 31, 2012
By Michael Burcke
I’ve used these for several years, and they work just fine for unclogging shower or bath tub drains, and larger sinks. Just remember to cover or tape up the overflow vent or you’ll just be blowing water up into the vent area instead of pressurizing the outfall pipe.
I’d give it 0 if it were possible. Here I sit, wet, irritated, with a clogged sink… This is the WORST plunger EVER. When you push down it shoots water up all over you. I rather use the toilet plunger in my kitchen sink than to ever use this crap again.

MP500 vs Comp Pressure Test

Watch how the MP500 smears the competition in the golf ball pressure test! The competition doesn't stand a chance! Our exclusive patented bellows design with the streamline tri-level nozzle for a better seal along with the patented air valve release system keeping you from overflowing, is unlike any of our competitors, so don't flush your hard earned money away by calling a plumber,
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